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About Homev

Who We Are

Homev is a professional real estate consulting company based in Istanbul, Turkey, estblished and operating since 2012. Homev is active in all growing and main regions of Turkey including, Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Izmir and Alanya, as well as Northern Cyprus. Homev works via a strong network of experienced and reliable real estate consultants and agents, focusing on providing world class comprehensive services to domestic and foreign investors whom are interested to explore the favorable real estate oppurtunities available in Turkey. 

  What We Offer

At Homev we work with a team of professionals who offer their expertise and excellent services ensuring client satisfaction from the first point of contact, throughout the complexities of real estate investment, until the final stage of transaction completion, making sure it's a smooth, positive and a pleasant experience every time. Having built the necessary network of contancts, we can confidently introduce the best options available and assist you until the final stage in obtaining that anticipate property, a relocation objective, or if you are planning to expand your business property portfolio. 

 How We Do It

At Homev we welcome every property investment opportunity and focuse on evaluationg and identifying each individual's unique investment need in order to effectively assist them in achieving their distinct investment goal. After identifying client's objectives and standards, we do the necessary research within our network of real estate professionals in order to introduce the best potential real estate options. Once the desired property has been selected, our Homev team will assist in concluding the negotiations and finalizing the legal process. Furthermore, if necessary, we will also gladly support with the legal aspects of relocating and eventually settling in Turkey.

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